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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Weddings: Lee and Brody at Ironwoods

Maui Wedding

Oh what fun this was… and truthfully I have never seen Ironwood Beach quite this calm. It was pretty magical. Low tide, bright sun, happy couple, and lots of family and friends – sure made for a wonderful wedding day for Lee and Brody from Canada.

This was a mid-day wedding, so the ocean was super bright and blue. I made sure to load up on sunblock (you should see my arms if I don’t!) and we had a fantastic time with Marni of Maui’s Angel’s Weddings.  Congratulations to Lee and Brody!

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Maui Photography Location: Ironwood Beach
Time of Day: Mid-Day
Editing Style: Maui Colors, Natural
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