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My Baby Forever & Forever More!


I am sitting here and it’s almost 6:21pm. At 6:21pm three years ago, Ryenne was born. My baby girl… 

The past year has been huge for us. She has turned from a toddler into a little girl. We have watched her vocabulary grow. We sit in awe of how smart she is. We watched her first day at pre-school and understood that it was us who had a harder time letting go. 
We watched her make friends and love to play with them. She’s learned to use the potty chair. She’s learning her manners. 
I play the “I Love You” game with her and we argue who loves each one more. She loves me to sing her the “Sunshine Song” and “Ryenne Had a Little Lamb”.  She loves to be the superstar of the song.
No longer are the days I can put her in whatever cute outfit I want. She now chooses her clothes and I’m perfectly fine that they often don’t match or are boys clothes. She rocks her own style.
As I look at her face and her body I realize that she’s lost her chubby baby fat. She’s long and lanky and growing everyday. She is stunning and takes my breath away on a daily basis. 
My baby is 3 years old. WOW! The time sure does fly by. She’ll forever be my baby girl forever and forever more. 

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