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I've always dreamed of creating something special. Something that gives back to our community, that builds and lifts up other individuals, and makes an impact on the world we live in - both with imagery and action. This is a place to feel included and loved. 

Maui is in my soul and the magic of this island touches everything I do. I am so excited to share my love of Maui with you and create beautiful memories with my curated team of Maui photographers.

This is a place where talented photographers can come to be artists. To create amazing imagery for you and focus on what they love - photography - and not have to worry about the business side. As a client, you get artists at their best.

Hey Hi! I'm Mariah...

Sam is a former Montessori teacher and is amazing with families and couples. She is passionate about yoga and health and glows from within with kindness. Sam photographs families, couples, and weddings for our team.

Team Photographer


Known for her pink hair and soft voice, Mariah has established herself as one of the premiere photographers on Maui with over 20 years of experience. A mom of three, she understands the importance of catching the in-between moments in every session. She has experience with working with children on the spectrum and empowering women to feel their best. Mariah photographs all types of sessions and commercial work.


Mariah Milan

The Dream Team

Angelica is bubbly and sweet and is always ready for anything on a session. You'll most likely see her at sunset but she'll sometimes take on a morning mini. Angelica photographs families, couples, and weddings for our team.

Team Photographer


Clarissa is a mom to twins and totally understands that life happens so fast. Moments are really important. She's super fun and athletic and loves the ocean. Clarissa photographs families, couples, and weddings for our team.

team photographer


Emily is a beautiful, wild spirit always ready to make you feel empowered during your session. Thankfully, she loves early mornings just as much as sunsets. Emily photographs families, couples, and weddings for our team.

Team Photographer


Bailey is our youngest team photographer and Mariah's nephew. He graduated with a film degree and then quickly learned he loved still photography as well. Bailey photographs families, couples, and weddings for our team.

team Photographer


Ry is Mariah's teenage daughter. She comes along (most times) with Mariah to help carry things and help kiddos feel at ease. During Covid lockdowns, Ryenne felt very isolated, and now that the island is open again, she enjoys talking to clients and hanging out with her mom (and dinner dates after sunset sessions).

Stuff Holder/supporter


Katy is incredibly kind and is a lover of the ocean and animals. Katy is amazing with our couples and photographs on Maui's North Shore, specializing in elopements. 

Team Photographer


Tanja met Mariah through a mutual friend and has been training in photography and office workflows. She's an incredible artist with ceramics in some of Hawaii's top galleries.

Trainee/second shooter


Shayla is our weekend warrior photographing on weekends. She's a mom to three and a local Maui girl through and through! 

Team Photographer


why a team approach?


In the beginning, it was just me. Doing EVERYTHING - I learned that it was impossible to create a "work-life balance" if I was working 24/7. My family life suffered, my art suffered, and I prayed daily I wouldn't get sick.

Our best work comes from collaboration with like-minded individuals, so I curated a team of talent where as artists we can focus on creating beautiful images for you. Our team photographers don't have to worry about the business side - they can just be their 100% best, creative selves. That creates a freedom for them and gorgeous photography for you. And if one of us becomes sick, it's all good - we have you covered. 

Together we create an incredible experience for you from start to finish, assisting you plan your session, capturing your Maui vacation or wedding, editing the images to our strict standards, and delivering images to be proud of for generations to come.

No boring photos here - just straight up love, laughter, and wonderful memories of this point in your life. 


Mariah Milan
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We pledge to photograph Pono. To always do the right thing. To care for our 'aina (land) and our community.

We Do Photos Right.

Maui, Hawaii

Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.

09. what is your biggest strength in being visible online?

Showing up as myself every day. I love showing that vulnerability can also be strength and showing my clients how beautiful they are.

a. Facebook 
b. Twitter
c. Instagram
d. YouTube

08. What is your favorite social platform?

a. Italy
b. New Zealand
c. Thailand
d. Portugal

07. If you could visit anywhere else in the world, where would it be?

If I don't have a sunrise shoot, sleeping in is my jam.

06. what is your favorite morning routine?

a. Old Fashioned
b. Gin & Tonic
c. Cosmopolitan
d. Mai Tai (close second)

05. Drink of choice

My kids & pets

04. What is one thing you can't live without?

a. Target
b. Native Intelligence (Maui)
c. Anthropologie
d. Lowe's

03. what is one store are you most likely to shop for life?

Iced French Press with Creamer

02. How do you take your coffee?

a. Salted Caramel
b. Lemon Cheesecake
c. Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel
d. All of the above

01. what is Your favorite ice cream?

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