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For Maui Photo Sessions you are matched with one of our team photographers that best matches your needs when we get your booking form. 

For large weddings and weddings across the US, Mariah is always the main photographer.

Who is photographing my session?

The short answer is NO. There are many areas on the island that are sacred and kapu (forbidden). We strictly adhere to the DLNR open and accessible list where we can legally pull permits. 

Can we shoot wherever we want?

Yes we do! Mariah's son is also on the spectrum and she is well versed in both verbal and non-verbal children and adults on the spectrum.

My child is on the spectrum - do you have experience with that?

It pains us that this is even a question we have to address. The answer is YES. We believe love is love is love and embrace everyone.

Do you serve the LGBTQ+ Community?

They are both so gorgeous. Sunrise tends to carry pastel tones and the beaches are less busy. Sunset is iconic golden hour but can be more windy with more people around. 

What is better - sunrise or sunset?

Yes it is! Legal photographers in Hawaii are required to pull permits for all photo sessions and carry a specific liability insurance. We operate legally and ethically.

Is the beach permit included?

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