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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

The mariah milan Journal

Maui Anniversary Session

8 years ago Sarah and Joe were married at the White Orchid Beach House. When they came back to Maui for a vacation they contacted Patty at White Orchid Wedding to see if it might be possible to show their kids where they were married and set up a family portrait session. It turned out to be a perfect day for a session at the Beach House, and their good friends ended up coming as well for their session too.

It was such a fun morning together on the grounds of this location and in the beautiful cove fronting the estate. We got tons of laughs and smiles, a little sprinkle of rain, and lots of sunshine.

Happy 8 Year Anniversary Sarah and Joe!

Maui Photographer: Mariah Milan // Location: White Orchid Beach House // Time of Day: Morning

maui-family-portraits_0001 maui-family-portraits_0002 maui-family-portraits_0003 maui-family-portraits_0004 maui-family-portraits_0005 maui-family-portraits_0006 maui-family-portraits_0007 maui-family-portraits_0008 maui-family-portraits_0009 maui-family-portraits_0010 maui-family-portraits_0011 maui-family-portraits_0012 maui-family-portraits_0013 maui-family-portraits_0014 maui-family-portraits_0015 maui-family-portraits_0016 maui-family-portraits_0017 maui-family-portraits_0018 maui-family-portraits_0019 maui-family-portraits_0020 maui-family-portraits_0021 maui-family-portraits_0022

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