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A Bit of Fun in Honokohau – Maui Portraits

I always love photographing Jean. She was home on Maui for Spring Break from UH Manoa and we were supposed to do a romantic photo shoot with her boyfriend, Evan. Apparently there was a bit of a scheduling conflict with a fishing trip, so me and Jean decided to go out anyway and we’ll get Evan this summer.

We decided to head up North to Honokohau. Many people don’t venture much farther than Kapalua, but it sure is a beautiful treat to explore this part of the island. The rugged coastline and lush greenery is amazing. For this session, we were literally on the side of cliffs (this is not a good place for a children’s shoot!). The beauty of Maui is absolutely breathtaking – so is Jean! Loved all the laughing and the fun we had.

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