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Happy Birthday Cruz!

Dear Baby Boy Cruz,

Today you are two and I find myself wondering how this time has passed so very quickly. I remember two years ago today in such vivid detail. You were even a gentle soul coming into this world in probably one of the easiest births on the planet.

2010 was a very hard year for Mommy, and whenever I think of 2010, you are the light – the good thing – that came out of that horrible year.

I love the way you love your Daddy. I love the streak of mischief you’re developing, the way you hug me, the way you rub your elbow to put yourself to sleep. I love how your favorite pair of shoes is your blue boots and you yell “Boots!” whenever it’s time to leave the house. I love the little cleft in your chin. I love the way you are obsessed with anything with wheels – but mostly race cars and trains. You love to dance and you love the ocean with a fierce passion. You are going to be a water boy for life.

Your Daddy and brother and sister and I love you so much. We are so thankful that you came and surprised our family. Though I am sad that you are not my tiny baby, I am overjoyed that you are my big boy and I look forward to our many adventures ahead. I love you big boy so very much! Happy Second Birthday!

Love you always and forever to infinity and beyond,


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