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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Anniversary Session

Kia and Mike love the outdoors, the mountains, color, and each other. They were married last New Years Eve and this was their first ever vacation and photo session to celebrate their marriage! I was so honored to have been asked to capture this time for them.

It was an epic beautiful day at Kapalua Bay and though they told me that they had never been in front of the camera before, they were effortless in their love for each other, which is exactly what I wanted to capture. Congratulations on your marriage you two! Thanks so much for spending your evening with me! XO

Maui Anniversary Photographer: Mariah Milan // Time of Day: Sunset // Location: Kapalua Bay // Hair & Makeup: Liz of Maui Makeup Artistrymaui-photographer_4441 maui-photographer_4442 maui-photographer_4443 maui-photographer_4444 maui-photographer_4445 maui-photographer_4446 maui-photographer_4447 maui-photographer_4448 maui-photographer_4449 maui-photographer_4450 maui-photographer_4451 maui-photographer_4452maui-photographer_4453

What made you decide this was the time to do a photo session? Were you marking any special occasion, etc? 

My husband and I hadn’t ever had professional pictures together and thought what a better time than our honeymoon! Plus the beach makes a great backdrop. 🙂

What did you love about the location of our session?

We liked the unique beauty of the multiple settings.

What was your favorite part of your session?

Being able to be our silly selves!  It was a very relaxed and fun photoshoot.

Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?  

Because it was our first time getting professional photos, we worried that the experience would feel completely awkward and we wouldn’t know what to do.

Any funny stories or interesting happenings during your session?

Can’t think of anything in particular, we just had a lot of laughs. 🙂

Any advice to other couples before their photo sessions?

I agree with Mariah when she recommends to wear something you are comfortable in. Relax and be yourself! Those make the best photos.

What made you choose Mariah Milan as your Maui photographer?

My friend Noelle had her wedding photos done by Mariah and they were absolutely gorgeous! She had a good experience and recommended we go with Mariah.

What do you hope your kids/family will say years down the road when looking at these images? 

I hope they will see the happiness of a new marriage and the love we have for one another. And hopefully it will encourage them to want to visit the beautiful island!

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