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Karolyn and Michael

I met Karolyn and Mike at Palauea Beach in Wailea for their Maui engagement session. Immediately I could tell we were in for a great session. It was as if we had stepped foot into an Anthropologie shoot (insert dreaming here!). So not only were Karolyn and Mike gorgeous to look at, but they were so sweet with each other. So in tune. So meant to be together.

They moved to Maui about a year ago from fast paced New York – quite a change of pace. They are enjoying the island life and discovering all that Maui has to offer. And next month they get married.

They’ll be heading to Massachusetts for their wedding – I can only imagine how beautiful it’s going to be with Karolyn’s taste. How perfect to have engagement photography on Maui and wedding images on the beautiful East Coast.

Congratulations you two!!

5% of this session was donated to MercyCorp for Japan Earthquake Relief

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