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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Photographers for Kaua’i – A Fundraising Event

Photo sessions to benefit Kauai

Kauai is such a special island. When Hurricane Iniki hit the island, my dad was one of the first responders in the construction industry to head over to help rebuild. He was there for a year and flew home to Maui two weekends a month. Several times, us kids got to go there and hang with Pops for the weekend.

Hanalei Kauai

Kauai is where I got my first Blockbuster card, it’s where I felt brave to go out on the rocks really far in the ocean and jump off into the calm waters of Lumahai Beach (which isn’t always calm), it’s where I bought my first ever piece of real ‘art’ for my home.

I always say that Maui is my favorite, but truth be told, Kauai is a very close second.

So when the flooding happened, I found myself thinking “how can I help?” and wondering what my dad would do in this situation. And while I was thinking, my good friend Angela Nelson reached out with idea – a really great idea – and Maui Photographers for Kaua’i was born!

Together, we are offering mini-sessions to benefit Kaua’i. Most of them will be happening on April 29 around the island of Maui.

NV Maui Media – May 4
Amy Jayne Photography – April 28

Kristy Copperfield Photography – May 5* (different pricing)
Aloha Portraits – May 5


  1. Contact the photographer you’d like to photograph you!
  2. Confirm availability with them! These slots will likely go fast, so you’ll want to pay ASAP
  3. Pay with the Go Fund Me link
  4. Your photographer will confirm and send you instructions about your mini-session!

This is a one-time only special with a limit of 6 people per session. I am offering TWO of these sessions at

6:15pm at Kanaha Beach (third entrance)

If you’d like to grab one of my sessions, please email me at

All proceeds will be going to a non-profit under Maui Photographers for Kaua’i. If you don’t want a mini session but would still like to contribute, please do!

Lumahai Beach Play

My babies at Lumahai Beach last summer (totally a cell phone shot, but it makes me happy)


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