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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Portraits at Kapalua

Maui Portraits

What an incredible morning for Maui portraits! I was so thankful for this family’s patience. We were actually set for a family session the evening before, but due to a fire on the road to Lahaina I was stuck in central Maui. They graciously opened up their morning so that we could meet for their session at Kapalua Bay. It was absolutely beautiful and the kids were in a great mood for some fun on the beach.

We had to get a little creative in keeping them out of the water. I admit it was very inviting to jump right in! In addition to portraits, I wanted to also capture fun moments and relationships so I brought along my husband to capture images with a second camera to capture some “in between” moments and I’m so glad he came along (especially since the fire flared up on our way home and we were again stranded on the highway).

Had an absolute blast capturing these moments! Congratulations on your retirement, George! XO

Maui Portrait Photographer: Mariah Milan // Location: Kapalua Bay // Time of Day: Morning

maui-family-portraits_0144 maui-family-portraits_0145 maui-family-portraits_0146 maui-family-portraits_0147 maui-family-portraits_0148 maui-family-portraits_0149 maui-family-portraits_0150 maui-family-portraits_0151 maui-family-portraits_0152 maui-family-portraits_0153 maui-family-portraits_0154 maui-family-portraits_0155 maui-family-portraits_0156 maui-family-portraits_0157 maui-family-portraits_0158 maui-family-portraits_0159 maui-family-portraits_0160 maui-family-portraits_0161 maui-family-portraits_0162 maui-family-portraits_0163 maui-family-portraits_0164 maui-family-portraits_0165

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