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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Proposal Photographer: Engaged at Ironwood Beach

Minh proposes to Cynthia at Ironwood Beach (Oneloa Bay) Maui

I had so much fun planning this with Minh in the weeks before he and Cynthia came to Maui. Emails and texts back and forth had detailed directions to where we were meeting, where I’d be standing (afterall, we had never met!), and how to get her to the beach without any suspicion. We agreed that they’d have fancy dinner plans at Merriman’s and he told her that there were turtles at Ironwood Beach so they were going to check them out before dinner.

As I walked the beach path down to the beach, a couple of surfers said, “Hey! You got a shoot tonight?” and I said yes – a proposal was about to go down. “Oh! I saw them! They’re a cute couple – they’re that way” he said pointing toward the cliff. Excellent – they were right where I wanted them. I went down to the waters edge and pretended to photograph surfers while I kept an eye on when Minh would reach into his pocket.

My heart beat as I saw the proposal unfold. Cynthia was so surprised. Afterward, I walked up to introduce myself and we had such an amazing engagement session. These two are completely adorable together. Congratulations Minh and Cynthia! It was my absolute honor to be there to witness the proposal.

Maui Photography Location: Ironwood Beach (Oneloa Bay)

Time of Day: Sunset

Editing Style: Natural, Film Inspired

Maui Photographer: Photography by Mariah Milan

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