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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Wedding Photographer: Megan and Brad at the White Orchid Beach House

Maui Wedding Photographer – Megan and Brad – Makena, Maui

Upon arrival at the White Orchid Beach House, I went into the bridal prep room to find Megan relaxed and happy. Then it was off to the groom’s room where I found the guys rocking out to the Beach Boys. One thing is for sure – these two are super chill and super fun. Actually, the entire group was so relaxed and in the moment. There wasn’t a stressful moment of this entire afternoon.

The ceremony was extremely meaningful because it was officiated by Megan’s dad. He had some advice for the couple that I think we can all apply to our own lives. He advised them that in life you need to follow your dreams. There is no point in always waiting “I’ll do it when the baby goes to preschool.” “I’ll do it when I get this job.” “I’ll do it when the kids are out of the house.” ect. Every day is an opportunity to follow our dreams and aspirations and I think that is some of the most sound advice I’ve ever heard.

After the ceremony, Brad surprised Megan with a first dance to One Directions “Little Things”. It was incredibly sweet as Megan had no idea there would be a first dance.

The sun gave us some beautiful rays of light and the waves crashed against the lava rocks. It was an incredibly beautiful, perfect afternoon to get married. Congratulations Megan and Brad!

Location: White Orchid Beach House, Makena, Maui

Wedding Coordination: White Orchid Wedding

Time of Day: Afternoon/Sunset

Editing Style: Natural, Vibrant Maui Colors

Maui Photographer: Photography by Mariah Milan

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