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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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My Sister Jean

If you’ve followed my blog for a long time, you know I have a beautiful sister-in-law. I actually consider her more of a real sister. Especially since she was 4 when I met her and asked to be carried around all the time. Jean just finished her freshman year at University of Hawaii at Manoa and has grown into such a beautiful young woman. I can’t believe she’s 19 already!

When I told my hubby’s family that I wanted to come home to Maui this summer, they decided that Mom and Jean would fly out here to Texas to help me get the kids to Maui so I wouldn’t have to fly by myself. So these past two weeks have been so much fun taking Jean to lots of “Texas” things. This included a photo shoot of course.

Love you Jean. This was so much fun!


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