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Olowalu Landing

A Perfect Week in Hawaii

Maui Engagement Session

I received a text from Stephanie asking about last minute availability for a session. Jon had proposed and what better a place for an engagement session than Maui? We decided on a sunrise session – I felt like since they’re beginning a new chapter that we should start when the day is fresh and new. They also let me suggest locations and I am so glad we ventured out to Olowalu at 6:30am to watch the sun rise over the West Maui Mountains and shower the day with brand new golden light.

These two are absolutely perfect together. I could see the way that Jon looks at Stephanie with complete love and adoration. And I saw the way that Stephanie looks at Jon with a sparkle in her eye full of love. Together they make a wonderful pair and I’m so happy that I got to meet them both and capture this very special time in their lives.

Congratulations you two. I’m so excited for all the new adventures that are ahead! XO


Location: Olowalu Landing  // Photography by Mariah Milan // Sunrise

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