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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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For Photographers – 6 Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid

6 Wedding Photography Mistakes to Avoid at all Costs

Wedding photography is difficult, yet rewarding. From interacting with dozens of people at
once to directing group photos and couple sessions, immortalizing weddings is about having
a keen eye for details, patience and creativity. Even so, from amateur to seasoned
photographers, we all make mistakes that cost us time, effort, and sometimes even money.
If you want to be one step ahead in the wedding photography game, here is what you should
avoid at all costs.

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1. Working Without a Contract
Drafting up a contract and making sure you use it with each client can seem daunting. But
it’s better to be safe than sorry. A wedding photography contract will protect both the
photographer and the client. It makes things clear and leaves no room for

2. Working Alone On Large Weddings
You might be tempted to try and take photos alone at a 100-guest wedding but you might
fail miserably. From handling lights to switching lenses or memory cards, you will need
assistance. An additional pair of hands will come in handy for a myriad of situations you
haven’t thought about yet. Taking photos at weddings is particularly difficult because you
have to be quick on your feet and not miss unique moments. You need to constantly be
ready to snap a photo so an assistant can perform any type of task from backing up images
to setting up a photo booth.

3. Skipping the Talk with the Couple Before the Wedding
Wedding photography involves a lot of preparation, including a talk with the couple. You
should make a list of questions and find out a wide array of details before the big day. Do
they like traditional or modern photos? Do they have any specific poses in mind? What do
they expect from you? Extract as much information as possible from the couple. This will
help you do a great job and satisfy all your clients. If you feel insecure about your
photography skills or about interacting with your clients, enroll in a professional
photography workshop that will teach you how to deal with unpredictable situations and
how to take excellent photos.

4. Showing Up Unprepared
If you want your photos to be the best, you will have to check out the venue beforehand.
This gives you an advantage and offers you plenty of time to come up with ideas for
incorporating the background into your pictures. It also helps you decide what gear and
accessories you need to bring with you. Feel free to make suggestions about the backdrops
and let the couple know if you’re worried about these affecting the pictures. Shooting in a
dull environment might make your photos look mediocre, so raise any concerns with the
couple if you feel the setting they chose has no potential.

5. Forgetting to Use the External Flash
Taking wedding photos can be tricky. Events unfold fast and you always have to be careful
not to miss key moments that have to be immortalized. But it’s equally important to take the
time and use your external flash when you really need it. At the same time, you need to be
careful and not overexpose the bride’s dress. This is a very common mistake that can be
difficult to repair in post. The dress is an important part of the event. Since so much time,
effort and money go into choosing it, the bride expects to see it appear in as many photos as
possible. The dress should look crisp and clear not lifeless and dull.

6. Ignoring the Videographer
More and more couples nowadays choose to book both a photographer and a videographer
for their wedding. They want to have gorgeous images and a beautiful film as memories for
the rest of their lives. You should find out if your clients are planning to use a videographer
at their wedding.  The best way to make sure you’re on the same page is to meet
up before the wedding and talk about your work process. This will allow you to get
acquainted so it will be easier to work together on the big day.

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