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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Always an honor to be featured and published in online publications, but it’s even more amazing to see my work in print. The Maui News featured some images and also wrote a story on me for their most recent Wedding insert they do annually. It was a totally fun process to be interviewed, not only about my photography visions, but to be interviewed and appreciated for the life that I choose to live.

As many of my long time readers, friends, and clients know, I have always been about giving back to the island community, and when we were living Texas to the community there. It’s important to touch upon that fact – that we are all intertwined not only in our island but in our world. Sometimes a photography session might seem like a frivolous thing to purchase when looking right at the surface. Look deeper down and you’ll find that a photography session is much more – it’s a time capsule. It’s something so important – memories and moments – that I have banked my entire professional being on it’s importance. But further than the importance of the relationships that I capture, I wanted it to have an effect that runs deeper – so that it could benefit the families and couples who hire me for images and then in turn benefit the island community. I am so incredibly proud of the projects that I’ve gotten to be a part of – from rubber slippers for students feet, to aid with air transport, to community fundraisers and rehoming animals. I am so incredibly grateful for this life and all that is coming about from me doing what I love.


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