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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Jessie & Dushan

Wedding Photographer

I have always had a very closely-knit extended family. Even with us living on Maui and most of the cousins living in California, we’ve always been close. As if every single time we’ve been together we just pick up right where we left off. My family are a bunch of fun, energetic, opinionated, fantabulous people.

My cousin Jessie has always been fantastic. I think we’ve always called her The Golden Child. Always the sweetest kid, a super smart teenager, thoughtful, kind…. the type of person you just love to be around. She’s been moving around the Country a bit – not to brag at all but she’s an uber smart doctor – ok maybe a little bragging. Though she’s dated some eligible guys, nobody has been right for her…. until…. her friend created an Ok Cupid account that HE managed on her behalf. When her friend told her that a guy named Dushan looked like a great match, Jessie was reluctant but trusted her friend. And little did Dushan know he had been communicating with Jessie’s friend and not her, herself. But when they met up, sparks flew. And according to Ryan and Danny, Jessie’s brothers, Dushan is the guy for Jessie.

I was thrilled, elated, ecstatic when Jessie asked if I’d be available to come to San Francisco for their wedding. The wedding date literally fit between 2.5 days of availability and I flew out for a whirlwind of amazingness.

All of the Aunts, Uncles, Cousins… all of us under one roof! It was amazing and so much needed. It has been a while since all of us have been together. When I first met Dushan, I just knew…. knew he was a great person and a wonderful match for Jessie.

We started out the morning quite early…. all of us up at 5:30am before heading into The City at 7:30am.

Ironing before the wedding Over the Bay BridgeSan Francisco City Hall was abuzz with excited couples. We waited our turn in this amazing building and then we had a lovely ceremony. We were joined by some very excited tourists as well!

maui-photographer_4178 maui-photographer_4179 maui-photographer_4180 maui-photographer_4181 maui-photographer_4182 maui-photographer_4183 maui-photographer_4184 maui-photographer_4185 maui-photographer_4186

Then it was a bit of couple’s images around City Hall, which is actually where my Aunt and Uncle were married as well!

maui-photographer_4187 maui-photographer_4188 maui-photographer_4189 maui-photographer_4190 maui-photographer_4191 maui-photographer_4192 maui-photographer_4193 maui-photographer_4194 maui-photographer_4195 maui-photographer_4196 maui-photographer_4197 maui-photographer_4198 maui-photographer_4199

We gallivanted around the city a bit and then headed for an amazing lunch at Kokkari San Francisco.

maui-photographer_4200 maui-photographer_4201 maui-photographer_4202 maui-photographer_4203 maui-photographer_4204 maui-photographer_4205 maui-photographer_4206 maui-photographer_4207 maui-photographer_4208 maui-photographer_4209 maui-photographer_4210 maui-photographer_4211 maui-photographer_4212 maui-photographer_4213 maui-photographer_4214 maui-photographer_4215

After everyone was thoroughly stuffed and happy, we headed to Hotel Zetta to lounge and have fun in their play room.

maui-photographer_4216 maui-photographer_4217 maui-photographer_4218 maui-photographer_4219 maui-photographer_4220 maui-photographer_4221 maui-photographer_4222 maui-photographer_4223 maui-photographer_4224 maui-photographer_4225Thank you to my Mom for capturing ^^^ this picture of me and Jessie!

To my entire Plauche’ family – I love you so much. XOXOXO Congratulations Jessie and Dushan!

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