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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maluaka Beach Wedding

Sara and Dan have been wonderful to work with right out the gate. It was really fun to Skype with them beforehand so we could get a feel for each other (plus they got to see my awesome computer glasses, which I don’t show just anyone!).

They met online and had an instant connection. Sara says they are basically the male/female version of the same person. According to Sara, “It was always just so comfortable and perfect, like we have been together for decades. Neither of us could have imagined finding someone who shares the same morals/values/world views/likes/dislikes/personality/temperament etc etc, but we do. Getting to know each other involved many “me too!” ‘s.”

They left chilly Canada and headed to Maui for their elopement on Maluaka Beach, fronting the Makena Beach Resort. We started the afternoon with Sara and Dan seeing each other for the first time, then walking together through their friends to marry with officiant Charles Nahale in a beautiful ceremony. As the sun started to set behind them, the golden light illuminated them both wrapping them in warmth. From a photography standpoint, I was one happy photographer. The light was breathtaking.

After hugs from friends, we got an incredibly lit sky and we photographed until it was too dark to continue. Thank you Sara and Dan for choosing me to photograph this day for you and share in your celebration. Congratulations! XOXO

Maluaka Beach Wedding Photographer: Mariah Milan // Minister: Charles Nahale // Location: Maluaka Beach // Time of Day: Sunset

maluaka-beach-wedding_0001 maluaka-beach-wedding_0002 maluaka-beach-wedding_0003 maluaka-beach-wedding_0004 maluaka-beach-wedding_0005 maluaka-beach-wedding_0006 maluaka-beach-wedding_0007 maluaka-beach-wedding_0008 maluaka-beach-wedding_0009 maluaka-beach-wedding_0010 Maluaka Beach Wedding Maluaka Beach Wedding Maluaka Beach Wedding maluaka-beach-wedding_0014 maluaka-beach-wedding_0015 Maluaka Beach Wedding maluaka-beach-wedding_0017 maluaka-beach-wedding_0018 maluaka-beach-wedding_0019 maluaka-beach-wedding_0020 maluaka-beach-wedding_0021 maluaka-beach-wedding_0022 maluaka-beach-wedding_0023 maluaka-beach-wedding_0024 maluaka-beach-wedding_0025 maluaka-beach-wedding_0026 maluaka-beach-wedding_0027 maluaka-beach-wedding_0028 maluaka-beach-wedding_0029 maluaka-beach-wedding_0030

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