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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Siobhan Deol Guest Post

It’s always so special when another photographer hires me to capture their moments with their families. Siobhan Deol is a photographer in British Columbia, Canada and came to Maui on vacation with her family. I asked her what is important to her about vacation photography and here’s what she had to say…

As a photographer I love nothing more than capturing those special moments for my clients and turning them into forever memories. Something they’ll treasure, share with friends and family and hang up on the wall so it can bring a smile to their eyes every time they see it. As a mother and wife, I want nothing more then to capture my own moments with my two lovely children and Kulbir, the love of my life. The days seem to go by so quickly that sometimes it feels like the only way to slow things down  is to bring out the camera and try and freeze some precious moments in time. That leaves me with some great candids but never on the same side of the lens as my lovelies.  I feel that there is truly something special with a vacation photo session. To be relaxed, care fee, and truly happy reflects in the captured images. We are always so rushed and hurried in our everyday lives that it is a refreshing change to plan a family session where we are all excited. There are so many ways to capture a child’s interest and joy on a beach and  the love between couples when framed with beautiful sunsets by the water’s edge. I really enjoyed the process of planning our vacation shoot. I loved that Mariah’s work had a modern take on a vintage feel. I felt her artistic aesthetic was close to my heart but with her own unique edge.  Meeting Mariah and consulting on a vision for the shoot was easy and fun. Our session was so great that I was able to let go and trust in her creative and artistic vision. I would recommend a session with Mariah to all my friends, family and clients headed over to Maui. To be in paradise and have the beautiful images to keep for a lifetime is an amazing thing. Don’t wait for that special moment, let her create one with you! — Siobhan Deol – SD Photography, Richmond, British Columbia

Siobhan also does a take on vintage-inspired imagery, and the weather was absolutely perfect for our session at DT Fleming Beach in Kapalua. I had to smile as her kiddos were equally as unimpressed with my camera as my own kids – luckily I had stickers to bribe them. Even more important than capturing her children, which I’m sure she does all the time, was capturing her with her children and with Kulbir. Both the posed and the playful moments are so important. This was such a fun family to work with. Thank you for choosing me to capture your vacation on Maui!

Siobhan’s airplane project was a collage she created for her home (below). You can view more of her work at SD Photography.

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