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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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So Much To Celebrate

Maui Photographer – Wahikuli Beach

Ahhhhhh – so much fun.  A sweet mini sunset session at Wahikuli Beach with a fantastic family and a gorgeous sunset. It’s hard to come up with a better scenario. I love moments like these when there is so much to celebrate – a 40th Anniversary, a 2nd Anniversary, a first time to Maui. I felt so honored to be asked to capture this time for all of them. We had a bit of an adventure – read Sophia’s story after the photos – but I’m so thrilled with all we captured in our time together! XOXO

Maui Photographer: Mariah Milan // Location: Wahikuli Beach Lahaina // Time of Day: Sunset

maui-photographer_4389 maui-photographer_4390 maui-photographer_4391 maui-photographer_4392 maui-photographer_4393 maui-photographer_4394 maui-photographer_4395 maui-photographer_4396 maui-photographer_4397 maui-photographer_4398What made you decide this was the time to do a photo session?

We did it to surprise Scott’s parents for their 40th wedding anniversary this month.

Were you marking any special occasion, etc?

Yes, our parents 40th wedding anniversary, our 2nd wedding anniversary, and our daughters first time in Maui!

What did you love about the location of our session?

The sunset view was PERFECT, and the way the water came up on the beach was gorgeous. I was so glad we ended up there.

What was your favorite part of your photo session?

I loved seeing how happy it made my in-laws. I could tell they enjoyed having their family all together.

Was there anything you were nervous or worried about before the session?

My biggest fear was that my baby would be fussy, and we wouldn’t get any good photos.

Any funny stories or interesting happenings during your session?

Oh YES! My 14 month old daughter Camilla came down with a stomach flu and the first clue that she was sick came right in the middle of the photo shoot when she started puking! She was a trooper and after the incident, she finished the photo shoot strong (in her diaper) haha those are pictures we can tell a story from forever!!

Any advice to other families before their photo sessions?

Wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and just have fun.

What made you choose Mariah Milan as your Maui photographer?

The photos on Her website speak for themselves! We wanted beautiful and fun  candid photos plus a mix of some “look at the camera and smile photos” and I believe we got just that.

What do you hope your kids/family will say years down the road when looking at these images? 

I hope they will see how happy we all are right now in our lives. And how much love we have for each other and what a Strong family we are. Patty and Jerry being married for 40 years is the reason we have this family and I think that is something special to celebrate 🙂

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