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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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wrapped around her finger | Cedar Park Newborn Photographer

Hadley was due on the 30th this month, but made her debut into this world just a tad early.  I had the honor of coming up to meet her at just 3 days old. She is one of the most alert newborns I have ever met. She looked at me with her deep blue eyes and it looked as though she was gazing at me wondering why in the world I wanted to take her picture. I think there is a lot of wisdom in those eyes.

I spent a good 3 and a half hours with Hadley and  her family but little miss did not want to miss a beat of what was going on. None of my newborn sleepy tricks worked on her. But I did get some gorgeous images in anyway.

We agreed to try it out in a couple of days so we could get some sleepy images. I got to go back up to see her on her due date, October 30th! That was really special. And she fell asleep for me for 20 minutes! Yay!

Hadley is such a beautiful princess. It’s easy to see why she has  her mommy and daddy wrapped around her finger already. I am so looking forward to seeing you grow baby girl!!



102709-038Those LIPS! Those delicate eyelashes… what a beautiful little girl!


She really liked laying on her side. I love how her legs got all floppy.

And the final image of this post… one her mommy really wanted. And she stayed on her tummy long enough for me to get it before rolling back onto her side.


Again, it has been SO HARD for me to choose blog images lately. I can’t wait to show her parents the rest. So many sweet ones.

Thank you so much April and Paul! Your new addition is absolutely precious. XOXO, Mariah

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