Pray for the Philippines – Ways to Help

The Philippines is an amazing country. I’ve been there before and am looking forward to taking my kids so they can see where Daddy’s family is from.

Super Typhoon Haiyan has wreaked havoc in very poor areas of the Philippines. The problem with donating to just any organization is that the funds may not make it to where you’d think.

Our family will be donating at least $100 per month over the next 3-4 months to help with aid, supplies, and rebuilding. Who do I trust? I’ve been researching quite a bit into various organizations that I feel will do the most good. Please research and donate to who you feel will help. Remember, The Philippines is a very religioius country and Christmas is right around the corner. Our hearts are aching for those that lost everything, including loved ones. Please do anything you can – every amount helps.

Doctors Without Borders (doctors and medical supplies already delivered and ongoing)

World Vision International (already have people in the Philippines helping)

Heifer International (will help farmers rebuild)

Catholic Relief Services (already there and providing water, sanitation, and supplies)

Thank you so much,

Mariah, Peter, Ryenne, Kai Boy, and Cruz Dagupion

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