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A Birth Day | Austin Birth Photographer

I just finished editing baby Eden’s birth day. It was so wonderful to go through all of the images. “M” family… you are now a FAMILY… and such a beautiful family. 



Shortly after these pictures, Michelle was taken back for her C-Section. Then I got to witness something amazing…


Daddy Brannen and his new baby girl together in the nursery. It was a beautiful to watch them together. 



Baby Eden and her beautiful mama… 

There are so many images that I would love to post. But I do want a lot to be a surprise for the new mom and dad. Again, I was absolutely honored to be there and witness these first few moments of her life.

  1. Amazing pictures! How wonderful to have the day documented like that.

  2. Those are great shots. The photos of Brannen and Eden are precious. And good job on the processing…B&W is so fitting for that series.

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