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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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A whole lot of CUTE! | Austin preschool photographer

I had such a wonderful time heading up to Leaps-N-Bounds preschool in North West Austin for two days of portraits. This was my first preschool endeavor and I had such a wonderful time. The kids…. oh my goodness… they were incredibly adorable and sweet. I brought along several toy animals which were a huge hit, and I was bombarded by amazing children. Many thank you’s to the parents who sent their kids dressed up so adorably. (parents, proofs are being emailed over the next couple of days).

Hold on to your hats… here comes some of the cuteness!

If you have a preschool in mind that would love this modern take on the standard preschool photo, please let me know. It is completely free for the school and parents get an opportunity to have beautiful portraits made of their preschool child. I am available to do preschool photography throughout Austin and the surrounding cities.

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  1. So cute! The parents will love these. So much better than yucky blue backgrounds and flat lighting!

  2. Kristen m says:

    You did a great job with all these kiddos!