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Happy 9th Birthday Ryenne! – Wailuku Town Maui

Wailuku Town Mural

It’ll be the last year of single digits – we got here so fast!! My Ryenne is 9 years old today!

Ry is one of the kindest people I know (unless you need to brush her hair). She goes out of her way to help others and questions everything that doesn’t make sense to her. I’m so thankful that we have such an open dialog when it comes to things that she questions. I really enjoy our deep conversations about the world and what she thinks of it. I try hard not to imprint my own thoughts on everything but let her make up her mind for herself. I love that about her.

She continues to be an avid reader. Sometimes it feels like we can’t keep up with the amount of books that she reads. She loves to collect them, and now we have boxes of books that she’s read. I think that we need to get her a library card, but I know she’ll be sad when she has to give the book back. I love that books are like treasures to her.

Third grade has been amazing – we are at a school that she’ll get to stay at until 5th grade and I know she’s looking forward to staying put.

We’re heading to Hana as she requested for her birthday – lots of swimming and running around. Hopefully there will be lots of mangoes like last time. We walked to the top of Fagan’s Cross and ate wild mangoes laughing without a care in the world. We are both hoping to do that again. I treasure those mommy/daughter moments.

For her 9 year old pictures, we headed down the street to a bougainvillea plant that’s blooming and then over to Requests Music for their awesome mural. We love Wailuku! I loved getting her to laugh at me – those are some of my favorite images.

Happy birthday my sweet Ryenne. You are such a ray of sunshine in our day! We love you so much!

Ryenne's Birthday Ryenne Laughing Ryenne's Twirl Wailuku Requests Mural My beautiful Ryenne It's a Beautiful Day Wailuku

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