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Carey and Scott are married!

Peter and I drove out to Kovar, Texas and Moulton, Texas for our last Texas wedding of the season before heading back to Maui. Scott and Carey had a beautiful ceremony at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic church followed by a super fun, cowboy/rustic reception at the Cowboy Roundup Hall of Moulton, TX.

The day started with a beautiful gift – a gift from Carey’s son to Scott. A special boutonniere with a charm of his parents. It was lovely and heartfelt. The room where Carey got ready for the ceremony was tiny and bustling with anticipation.

The ceremony in the church was dimly lit, lovely, and heartfelt.

Carey put so many beautiful details into the reception. From the homemade grape jelly to the wishing tree, to the cakes…everything was absolutely beautiful.

Congratulations you two!! Wishing you a beautiful life together!!

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