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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Here we are… a total dream come true. In 2002 my husband and I bought an 800sq foot condo in Napili and I splurged on some Pottery Barn pendant lights (ordered special from the mainland of course!). The lights were called Gracie Lights. When we sold our condo and then lived in my parents Haiku home for awhile, the Gracie Lights stayed boxed up. Then we moved to Texas – and I thought that a 2 story tract home would be the home of my dreams. But it lacked the character and charm of an older home and I found myself longing for a similar home to the kind I grew up in. The Gracie Lights were never hung in Texas… they stayed boxed until I found a place that felt like home.

When we moved back to Maui, we rented an adorable plantation home, and it has been wonderful, but there’s always the feeling of seeing potential and not being able to put my stamp on it. So we waited.

When the Wailuku house came onto the MLS, I saw it the very first day. I must have looked at the pictures 1,000 times. We put our offer in June and waited for the short sale approval. Yesterday, the house closed and the home officially became ours. A 1939 gem in the Ooka tract of Wailuku town – so much history in the area. I am pretty anti-carpet so Peter and I ripped it out today. We found some mid-century vinyl and hardwoods below the carpet. Lots of work in front of us, but I figure if we tackle one project at a time this house will be molded into the home of our dreams – all 1,000 square feet of it! And I’ll need to figure out where those Gracie Lights will be hanging – cause they are for sure going up!

On the business end of things, I am still hitting my three week turnaround time. If things take a few days longer I hope everyone understands! We’ll be cleaning up the home this week followed by moving Friday and Saturday.

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  1. Marti Smith says:

    So exciting!!!