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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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family days and July special!

I have really enjoyed taking this week easy with my family. It’s been so hot so we’ve been in the water practically 24/7. Thanks to my good ‘ol spf 70 I have avoided sunburn (thus far… knock on wood!).

My daughter has entered the “Princess” stage. She is obsessed. It’s really cute. And just for everyone who asks me, “I bet you have so many pictures of your 3 year old, don’t you?” this is usually what I get. Well mostly what’s on the right side LOL – growing up with a photographer mommy has really made her shy away from the camera.


Kai’s hair is getting so long and unruly. I cannot bring myself to cut it, so the boy has his hair always any kind of way. I don’t think I’ll cut it until after he’s one. It’s so wispy and sweet.


I hope all of you are enjoying your families and these warm days. I’ll have more for the blog soon!

And before I forget… I’m having a special in July. All sessions in July are $100 ($108.25 including tax). That’s $100 in savings and the GIVINGisAWESOME campaign applies. This rate applies for all Austin photography. San Antonio clients, you get a special too. Please email me for details. And are you thinking of hiring me as your wedding photographer? Reserve your date and receive $150 off your wedding package if you sign a contract before July 31st.

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  1. beautiful children!!!

  2. says:

    Your kids are so cute! My nieces have a plethora of princesses dresses and they are around your daughter’s age. Does she have the little high heels to go with her dresses too?! My oldest niece walks better in heels than I do! lol Take care!