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Family + Love + Beach { Makena }

This session was so much fun and so precious. With so many young children, I definitely got my days’ worth of exercise – but it was the interaction and love between everyone involved that made this session so special. The love between siblings and parents and children was wonderful to witness. There was a lot of running around, laughing, and yelling “STINKY!” to get the kids smiling. I think I like yelling “Stinky!” is a lot more fun than cheese (actually I don’t encourage CHEESE at all!). The boys sure thought it was hilarious to be yelling out STINKY at the top of their lungs. Made for some pretty awesome smiles.

Maui PhotographersMaui Photographers5% of this session was donated to The Maui Food Bank

  1. Susan says:

    beautiful/…as always.

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