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Featured on MSNBC!!!

Maui Photographer on MSNBCI am so thrilled to have been chosen to interview by MSNBC on this very important subject – Vacation Photography.

This is something near and dear to me because I meet so many amazing families and couples that hire me to capture a special afternoon (or morning) of family time on the beach. While this isn’t a “necessity” for most, it is becoming more and more popular among visitors. Someday I would love to see it just as popular as a luau or a dinner at Mama’s Fish House.

The article did, however, make a strange point of social media being the driving force of families wanting vacation portraits (to compare?) and I firmly denied this in the interview – but that’s the spin the article took anyway. I think the article was lacking in the point I was trying to make. This has become a family activity – much like a luau or fancy dinner out. This is an opportunity for a family (or a couple) to be captured in a very special place enjoying each others company and having a wonderful time – and then having images to last forever afterward. It’s not about being vain and trying to show off to friends – it is about the overall experience. And while everyone (including myself) ask bystanders to snap a photo when I’m on vacation – there is no way that the sunset picture you imagined would come out without the knowledge of how to operate a camera against the setting sun. Or even if it did, it may not be a carefree, loving “moment” that was envisioned.

I know that this genre of photography is growing and it’s a very exciting time for photographers. I love my job. I love meeting all of you and learning your stories, watching you play on the beach with your children, watching you love each other, and capturing those moments for you. I am truly honored that all my clients chose me to do this job of mine. And for those of you reading that haven’t hired me yet, I am so looking forward to meeting you.

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  1. Sophie says:

    Awesome article, and I was so excited to see you featured!!! 🙂

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