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First Family Photos | Baby Beach | Maui Photography

Maui Photography Session

Many thanks to Kim and family for their patience with this sneak peek. As I’m typing I have two little boys passed out on the couch with the flu. It’s pouring rain outside and it’s just “one of those days”. Now that there’s a quiet moment, I’m so excited to share these images. What a photogenic family! Can you believe they’ve never had a family portrait before? Maui sure is the perfect place!

Baby Beach in Lahaina was a perfect choice for this sweet family. The afternoon colors were vibrant in the beginning and then mellowed into lovely pastels. The kids were an absolute dream!

A portion of this session was donated to The Maui Humane Society

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  1. Susan says:

    Never taken a family portrait? Wow. They are a beautiful family, their walls should be COVERED with beautiful photos after this shoot. Lovely

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