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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Family Friendship & Connectedness

Friendship Among Family

Friendship. It’s sometimes not the first word that comes to mind when you think of the word FAMILY. But this session definitely shows that friendship is a huge part of the family equation.

A couple weeks ago I had an amazing session at one of my favorite off the beaten path locations, Olowalu Landing. This place is special because it offers such a diverse array of backgrounds. I felt it would be the perfect place to take this very special family.

Mom, Robyn, wanted a session that would celebrate the friendship and interconnectedness of her family. With three growing kids, two being teenagers, it was refreshing for me to capture not only the semi-posed moments, but also the laughter and friendships between these siblings. I adored the silliness and play and the feeling that they are all so at ease with each other. I could tell that being together was a place where they could all be themselves.

The location played in so nicely to wide environmental images showing the magic of Maui and the waves crashing into the jetty made for a really fun backdrop.  Maui gave us amazing light and salt spray in the air creating light beams. Additionally,  waves crashing into the jetty were a total bonus.

Friendship, Family, Connection

kids walking through palm trees on Maui family bonding photo session in Olowalu, Maui Eyelash details on Maui photo shoot maui family photography in Olowalu snuggles under palm trees at Olowalu Maui Family tickle session at Olowalu Landing Siblings play at the beach in Olowalu Maui Family laughter as part of the Maui photo session Maui vacation snuggling in Olowalu

Family time at the beach in Maui Connectedness of family members Lounging under the palm trees on Maui vacation Dancing at the beach in Maui Hugs and kisses for mom at photo session Mom holds onto son Mom kisses son Detail of the closeness of mom and son Family time on vacation for a photo session on Maui Dad plays with sons at Maui photo session Dad and daughter during Maui photo shoot Bar Mitzvah portrait on Maui Siblings play on Maui photo shoot Sister gives brother a piggy back ride Beautiful Olowalu Landing in Maui Environmental Family Portrait Maui Family snuggle session on a bench in Olowalu Sunset Maui family Portrait in Olowalu Gorgeous salt mist in the air on family photo session Family walking together on the Olowalu jetty Beautiful Olowalu Jetty in Maui Maui vacation photos in Olowalu Maui vacation photos in Olowalu Maui vacation photos in Olowalu Maui vacation photos in Olowalu Maui vacation photos in Olowalu Maui vacation photos in Olowalu Maui vacation photos in Olowalu

Mom, Robyn, is the creative mind behind Radtagz and her motto of love, belonging, and connection resonated with me big time! What an honor to capture the love and friendship and true sense of belonging that her children are privileged to have within their family unit. xoxo

Mariah Milan is a Maui based family photographer and wedding photographer  serving families and couples visiting for a Maui vacation.


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