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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Glenda & Collin are married! | Grand Wailea Maui Wedding Photographer

Grand Wailea Maui Wedding Photographer

Months ago I heard from my husband’s Aunty that she had referred a bride my way. The date was booked and I was looking forward to Glenda and Collin’s wedding. Everything was so easy going right from the start I knew this was going to be a great match (because as we all know all my clients are awesome).

The wedding day came and I went to meet with Glenda, her sister, and her mom in their hotel room for a few last minute preparations before heading down to the chapel. Glenda’s dress looks as though it were made just for her. The ceremony was beautiful inside the chapel as family and friends watched Glenda and Collin become man and wife. One thing that struck me as wonderful was how each side of the family was so at ease with each other – even though they lived on opposite ends of the country – it was like they’ve known each other and been family forever. I also loved hearing Collin’s New York accent – pretty cool to get the big city vibe all the way out here on Maui.

So as we were having a little down time with some waters, I asked Glenda how she knew Aunty Yolly and she explained that her brother-in-law is Aunty Yolly’s husband’s brother (hard to follow?) – anyway – that makes us related by marriage! How cool is that! We all had a good laugh about it and had a ball with the rest of the evening.

On another note, Glenda has a very special bond with her sister, Suzette. Apparently Glenda’s wedding dress wasn’t what she wanted. Suzette spotted a dress in Los Angeles and sent it to Glenda without Glenda even seeing it. The dress fit perfectly and is the dress Glenda wore on her wedding day. Suzette truly has a very special eye as she picked out the flowers as well. I had never seen thistle in arrangements, and it was spectacular!

Congratulations Glenda and Collin and your wonderful families! It was such a joy to work with you all. And thank you for sending me home with all that food!

Venue: Grand Wailea Hotel and Spa – reception at the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a Restaraunt

Flowers: Marcia Williams with Janna Hoehn

Hair & Makeup: Kristin Mau-Quedding

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  1. Lani DeLaunay says:

    And now Alex makes 3!!!!!! What a Blessing!