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Hawaii Family Photographer: The “H” Family at Hapuna Beach, Big Island

Hawaii Family Photographer

Ok I’ll be honest – I pretty much didn’t blog November’s sessions. I was literally glued to the computer editing away in order to get final images out before the Holidays. So there are a few sessions coming that never got blogged, including this one!

This was a ball to plan and photograph. The world gets so small when you are connected with people, truly. Kristin is a photographer in Arizona ( KBH Photography ) who is friends with Jen in Austin, TX who is also a photographer ( Lark Austin ) and a friend from when we lived there (didja get all that connection?).  When Kristin asked if I’d be willing to come to the Big Island, it took me about 3 seconds to make up my mind that YES I would love to go! My youngest is FINALLY to the age where we can travel (and have fun), so I decided that we’d make it a little island getaway on the side.

We met at Hapuna Beach, which is gorgeous. If you’ve never seen a Kona sunset, I highly recommend you put it on your bucket list. What I loved about this session is that the kids all had such different characters and everyone just had fun – it was true to their fun spirit and I always love that! Thanks so much for having us, Kristin!!


Photography Location: Hapuna Beach, Big Island of Hawaii
Time of Day: Sunset
Editing Style: Natural, Vibrant Maui Colors, Some Film Inspired
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  1. Mariah Milan Dagupion says:

    Loved this session!

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