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Justin & Leighanna | part one | Destination Wedding Photographer

I was going to wait until I edited the entire wedding to sit down and post some images… but it’s too hard! I am getting to the editing in bits of pieces so I figured I’d post in bits and pieces as I edit and that way it’ll keep up the suspense too. 🙂

This is one amazing wedding. I am so happy I got to spend time with Leighanna and Justin while they were getting ready. Especially Leighanna… getting ready in the old plantation house with amazing windows and amazing light.



Absolutely, positively GORGEOUS!


Leighanna’s mom made these beautiful little purses… one for Leighanna and one for each bridesmaid. Aren’t they sweet? And I love Leighanna’s wedding slippers.


This dress… oh this dress! It was as if it were made for Leighanna only!


I just loved how everyone is doing something.

And then I made a quick trip over to check on the boys. This made me laugh!




Leighanna’s dad showing Justin what’s waiting for him if he’s a bad husband (which would never, ever happen cause they are made for each other!). And then back to the house to get Leighanna’s finishing touches.


Some of the most beautiful, creative bouquets I have ever seen!


Mom getting Leighanna into her dress. And I loved this moment because look at Leighanna’s face. I just love all the emotion here.


Kissing Justin’s ring before the ceremony. Couldn’t decide if I liked it vintage or in color with the natural lighting from the lamp.


The veil comes on!


A mom and daughter moment.



The guests have all arrived and she’s ready to be married!!

I am having a ball editing this wedding! Stay tuned for part two in the next week.

XOXO, Mariah

  1. Brandi says:

    I can already tell this is such a sweet wedding with lots of emotion! I can’t wait to see more.

  2. love that 3rd shot of the bride!

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