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Maui Beach Wedding: Kathleen and Shea at DT Fleming Beach

Kathleen and Shea chose to get married on Maui on a very, very special day. June 11 is not only Kamehameha Day in Hawaii, but it’s also the day I met my husband (now 17 years ago!) and is a day that is so incredibly special to me. It’s so special that Kathleen and Shea chose this particular day to marry each other on the gorgeous shores of DT Fleming Beach in Kapalua.

These two are absolutely beautiful together. Meeting in Orlando, Florida, they were neighbors and Shea “just happened” to be outside whenever Kathleen was outside. After they started dating, they knew they were meant for something wonderful and moved together to Tennessee to create their forever home.

It’s obvious the deep love between these two and I was so elated to share in this very special day!


Maui Photography Location: DT Fleming Beach
Time of Day: Sunset
Editing Style: Natural, Film Inspired, Maui Colors
Minister: Ernest Pua’a
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  1. Congratulations Shea and Kathleen! <3

  2. Mariah Milan Dagupion says:

    Congratulations Shea and Kathleen! <3

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