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Maui Photographer

Maui Photographer

What an incredible family I got to photograph a couple weeks ago. They came to Maui from Canada to celebrate Tom and Tina’s 35th wedding anniversary and I LOVED it when Tina told me they’re “T&T and Dynamite together” – oh heart melt! These two have beautiful adult children and gorgeous grandchildren and boy were they fun to work with.

We met at DT Fleming for a sunset session. It was a little windy but the light was gorgeous, spilling over the cliffs with lovely golden light. We laughed, we played, we joked. And I enjoyed watching all the love between them immensely. Thank you so much for making me a part of this special memory for you all. XOXO

Maui Photographer: Mariah Milan // Location: DT Fleming Beach // Time of Day: Sunset // Etsy shop owned by Sasha: Tattrd Threadsmaui-photographer_4341 maui-photographer_4342 maui-photographer_4343 maui-photographer_4344 maui-photographer_4345 maui-photographer_4346 maui-photographer_4347 maui-photographer_4348 maui-photographer_4349 maui-photographer_4350 maui-photographer_4351 maui-photographer_4352 maui-photographer_4353 maui-photographer_4354 maui-photographer_4355 maui-photographer_4356 maui-photographer_4357 maui-photographer_4358 maui-photographer_4359 maui-photographer_4360 maui-photographer_4361 maui-photographer_4362


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