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Maui Photographers

Maui Photographers

I was so excited when I saw April’s email about their visit to Maui! I first met April and Paul when we were living in Austin, Texas and I met them for a really great family session in Mayfield Park. Several years later and 3 more kids and they were heading to Maui for a couple’s getaway!

We met at DT Fleming Beach and then walked out to the lava point to catch sunset. We laughed and laughed and talked about vacation, kids, and life. Paul is a total jokester and is madly in love with April. April is sweet as can be and has a gorgeous smile. They are a really wonderful couple. Thank you guys so much for such an amazing evening! XOXO

Maui Photographers: Mariah Milan // Location: DT Fleming Beach & Lava Point // Time of Day: Sunset

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