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Maui Vacation Photographer: Pastel Sunset at Mokapu Beach

This family was having such a fantastic Maui vacation that they lost track of days and arrived to their shoot a day early. When the date that we had confirmed ended up not working out for them, we moved the session to a weekend and it’s these moments I’m glad that I hold a couple days “off” for just in case I need to pull a day out of my hat.

What an epic sunset we had! The pastel colors were gorgeous. Totally appreciated this family’s willingness to try all my crazy ideas. Made for some really great images!


Maui Photography Location: Mokapu Beach
Time of Day: Sunset
Editing Style: Natural Maui Colors
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  1. Love these pastel colored sunsets. Great family photos!

  2. Mariah Milan Dagupion says:

    Love these pastel colored sunsets. Great family photos!

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