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Wahikuli Beach

Maui Vacation Photographer: Sun and Fun at Ironwoods and Wahikuli Beach

I was really excited to meet Sai and Naveen for their shoot at Ironwood. It started as an absolutely gorgeous morning and the light was perfect. Then we went out on the rocks and a huge dark cloud moved over us so quickly and it was a total downpour! We headed back to the car completely soaked and only half way done with our session.

Being that it’s Maui, you can pretty much guarantee that the weather will be different within 10 minutes. So off to Wahikuli in Lahaina we went where it was sunny and gorgeous. Sure made for some nice variation as well to start at Ironwoods and finish at Wahikuli.

Sai and Naveen were so much fun to hang out with! Loved that they got in the water at the end! Be sure to check out Sai’s photography page in Bloomington, IL  too!


Maui Photography Location: Ironwood & Wahikuli Beach
Time of Day: Morning
Editing Style: Natural Maui Colors (sun) // Film Inspired (shade)
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  1. So wonderful to meet you both, Sai and Naveen!

  2. Love the pictures! You are amazing Maria! Thanks a ton!! 🙂

  3. Mariah Milan Dagupion says:

    So wonderful to meet you both, Sai and Naveen!

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