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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Vow Renewal

Sarah and Jimmy’s Maui vow renewal was so lovely. These two flew all the way from Australia to celebrate their 10th anniversary with a vow renewal.

Sarah and Jimmy are an active couple enjoying lots of activities with their kids. They decided this trip was going to be just for ‘Mum and Dad’ and I loved what Sarah wrote t6o me about her hopes for the session:

“I would like our children to have images of Mum and Dad together. I am a hobby photographer and take loads of pictures of the children, but Jimmy and I only have a handful of pictures together. I want to exist in photos and I want our time in Maui to be special and these photos to be our keepsake. Who knows when we will have the opportunity to travel together overseas again?”

We started the session at Honolua Forest with some amazing light and tons of love. Loved the addition of hand tied protea with a picture of their kids!

maui-beach-wedding_0059 maui-beach-wedding_0060 maui-beach-wedding_0061 maui-beach-wedding_0062 maui-beach-wedding_0063 maui-beach-wedding_0064 maui-beach-wedding_0065 maui-beach-wedding_0066

After the forest we headed to Ironwoods in Kapalua, a favorite spot, for their vow ceremony officiated by my husband, Peter!

maui-beach-wedding_0067 maui-beach-wedding_0068 maui-beach-wedding_0069 maui-beach-wedding_0070 maui-beach-wedding_0071

After their vow renewal we stayed on the beach and climbed rocks to enjoy the last moments of Maui’s light for their 10th anniversary. Thank you so much, Sarah and Jimmy, for having us be a part of such an incredible day!

Maui Vow Renewal Photographer: Mariah Milan // Officiant: Peter Dagupion (thank you Maile Maui Weddings) // Location: Honolua Forest and Ironwoods, Kapalua // Time of Day: Sunset

maui-beach-wedding_0072 maui-beach-wedding_0073 maui-beach-wedding_0074 maui-beach-wedding_0075 maui-beach-wedding_0076 maui-beach-wedding_0077 maui-beach-wedding_0078 maui-beach-wedding_0079 maui-beach-wedding_0080 maui-beach-wedding_0081 maui-beach-wedding_0082 maui-beach-wedding_0083 maui-beach-wedding_0084 maui-beach-wedding_0085 maui-beach-wedding_0086 maui-beach-wedding_0087 maui-beach-wedding_0088 maui-beach-wedding_0089 maui-beach-wedding_0090 maui-beach-wedding_0091 maui-beach-wedding_0092 maui-beach-wedding_0093

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