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The last time Melanie visited Maui I was pregnant with Ryenne – so it’s been almost 6 years! It was really great to see her again and capture some images of her. She is a wonderful photographer in Colorado – check out Artiste Photography.

Melanie is such a beautiful person. I don’t think she even realizes how lovely she is. I just loved capturing these images of her!

This was quite a unique get together as I brought along all three of my kids with me so Melanie could snap a few of us as well – be sure to check out some of my favorites after Melanie’s set of images. Needless to say, photographing three kids 5 and under is a challenge. Especially my kids – who I often refer to as “the hardest kids to photograph in the world!”. Thank you for getting these images of me and my kids, Melanie!


  1. M. You have such a beautiful family!

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