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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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MicroWedding, Minimony, or Elopement?

I’ll admit that when I first heard the term microwedding I was really turned off. I personally don’t like the phrase, but ya know…. seo and keywords am I right?!? As I dug into what a microwedding was, I also stumbled upon a minimony and then I was further down the rabbit hole.

Today we’re deep diving into all three so that you can have a clear vision as to what your perfect Maui Wedding might look like. Before I continue, however, let’s first link up current Covid-19 Hawaii travel information.

Maui Microwedding at Olowalu Plantation House at sunset as the guests dine
Guests dine on a luxe catered meal at a Microwedding at Olowalu Plantation House

What is a MicroWeddding anyway?

A Microwedding is technically everything you’d have for the luxe wedding of your dreams, but for less people (think 25-50 of your closest friends and family).

A smaller guest count means that you can create a more lavish experience on your wedding day by hiring the finest wedding vendors – think floral arches, luxe bouquets, custom-crafted cocktails, and scrumptious catered meals at beautiful private locations like The Olowalu Plantation House or buying out a restaurant like Gannons. Because of a smaller guest count, couples are choosing things for their wedding that truly matter to them and make their wedding one of a kind.

Gannons Wailea Tablescape
Microwedding at Olowalu Plantation House featured fine flowers, catering, crafted cocktails, and luxe wedding features
Gorgeous florals, hair & makeup. lighting, catering, cocktails, lounge furnishings, wedding cake, and top notch vendors all made Anna & Eddie’s microwedding exquisite.
Antique doors used at Olowalu Plantation Microwedding
Gorgeous decor like antique doors made their wedding one of a kind.
Using a private estate means more privacy during your wedding
Using a private estate ensures more privacy for your Maui wedding

You can even take it a step further by creating a full Maui experience and booking a block of hotel rooms and fun activities to create a lifelong wedding experience for you and your guests.

I’m still not sold on the term, but I absolutely LOVE the idea behind it!

Tell me what a Minimony is…

Here we go again with another ridiculous word (ummm thanks 2020?).

A minimony is basically an elopement with the addition of close family and friends – think 20 tops though in Hawaii under current rules, 20 on the beach includes vendors.

Minimony on Ironwood beach featuring flower circle, tropical bouquet and ti leaf lei
Marrying surrounded by close family and friends featuring beautiful touches like a floral circle and stunning wedding bouquet
Close friends and family watch as the couple marries on Ironwood Beach in Kapalua Maui
Close friends and family watch as the couple marries on the beach (masks are currently required for all guests – this image was photographed pre-covid)

A Minimony can feature (or not feature) as many luxe additions as you’d like. I often recommend splurging on hair and makeup (a must with our humidity and salt content in the air), flowers, and of course wedding photography. Minimony (Minimonies? Minimonees?) are a great way to go out to a fantastic dinner afterward at a delicious Maui Restaurant – quick side note – our couples get our exclusive list of the best eats on Maui.

Elopement – ok we all know that word.

Maui elopement on the cliffs at Ironwood
Elopement on the cliffs – when you’re by yourself you get to do a lot of exploring!

Elopements are two people and their vendors. Elopements are magical because they can be as simple or as lavish as you’d like.

No bouquet? check. The most lavish bouquet you’ve ever seen? Of course! An hour on the beach with a photographer and an officiant? Yup!

Want to deep dive into my favorite kind of elopement?

Let’s get into all the juicy details of my favorite kind of elopement. Picture this….

Lounging in your hotel room or condo writing love notes to each other – jumping on the couch (or bed), a room picnic – maybe some cuddling.

Bride writes a love note to her groom at the Kapalua Villas
Bride opens love letter from her groom at Kapalua Villas
Bride jumps on the couch in excitement of her wedding ceremony

You then head to the beach of your dreams surrounded by beauty and marry your best friend, play in the water, climb on the cliffs – the day is yours and you get to make it exactly as you wish. (my favorite elopement coverage is 3-4 hours)

Maui elopement ceremony on Ironwood beach
Elopements are just you, the officiant, and photo/video
Adventure elopement on the cliffs of Ironwood
Adventures are what makes Maui elopements some of the best in the world!
When it’s just the two of you, anything goes!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Microweddings, Minimonies, and Elopements and what you’re hoping to have for your big day!

Mariah Milan Photographers specializes in all three types of wedding Photography

Vendor lists:

Anna & Eddie’s Microwedding at Olowalu Plantation House

Planning: Maui’s Angels / Venue: Olowalu Plantation House / Event Rentals: Inspiration Hawaii / Catering: Maui Ohana Catering / Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy / Florals: Maui PalmTree Floral / Entertainment: KCK Entertainment / Arch: Altered Maui / Photography: Mariah Milan Photographers / Officiant: Peter D / Linens: Latavola / Hair & Makeup: MeiLi Autumn

Microwedding Restaurant Setup: Gannons Wailea

Shannon & Denver’s Minimony at Ironwood Beach

Officiant: Tino Rosete / Photography: Samantha for Mariah Milan Photographers / Hair & Makeup: Love & Beauty Maui / Florals: Fukushima Flowers

Cassandra & Aaron’s Cliff Elopement in Kapalua

Planning: Maile Maui Weddings / Hair & Makeup: Love & Beauty / Bouquet: In Bloom Hawaii / Music: Manutea Nui E / Lei: Native Intelligence / Officiant: Peter D.

Giada & Matteo’s Elopement at Ironwood Beach

Planning: Maile Maui Weddings / Officiant: Ernest Pua’a / Hair & Makeup: MeiLi Autumn Beauty / Cinematographer: Stephan Boeker / Haku: Haku Maui / Lei: Native Intelligence / Bouquet: In Bloom Hawaii / Photography: Mariah Milan Photographers

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