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my first session back to work

My first session back to work. I brought Cruz with me and he was such a good boy!

Meet brand new Nate and his mom, Kacie. I met them in their South Austin home and we did a mini session in natural light. This session is actually quite unique because it is for a project I’m doing for someone else and I was filmed and recorded voice over and everything. I was nervous!

But Kacie and Nate made it easy for me. Congratulations Kacie on your beautiful little boy!

And lastly we tried for a squishy newborn shot, but Nate was waking up and hungry. I did get one! Here he is in all his cuteness…

  1. Sylvia Borgo says:

    The first picture of baby with mama is sure to be treasured. Love it! and those smooshy lips. Irresistable!

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