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Nasla and Amador are Married! | El Paso Wedding Photographer | Maui Wedding Photographer

I first met Nasla and Amador when I lived on Maui. We got together for an awesome beach session. They are such a beautiful couple and we got so many great shots. But here’s a little taster. 


Nasla and Amador were living in San Antonio, and when they heard that I had moved to Austin, it was like fate that we were in the same state. They let me know they were having their Catholic wedding in El Paso, and I couldn’t give up the opportunity to photograph them again. 

Peter and I packed up the gear and drove to El Paso. We had a few minutes before the ceremony to capture these beautiful moments and details:




On a little side note – we heard that Amador’s father was rushed to the hospital before the wedding. Amador’s mother stayed for blessing her son and throughout the ceremony and then went to the hospital. Peter and I send our thoughts and prayers…







I have a thing for shoes… can you tell?


The beautiful Nasla. Seriously, wouldn’t you drive nine and a half hours to photograph her? STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL.

This wedding took place at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in El Paso. While I have done weddings in large churches before, I will be honest here and say that this church had some of the most challenging lighting that I have ever worked with. We could not use a flash or tripod and were limited with where we could stand and at what point we could take pictures. I had a very fast lens with me, which helped immensely. 




After the ceremony ended, we had to high-tail it to the reception at Grace Gardens. Unfortunately, Saint Patrick’s does not allow for pictures inside the church after the mass. We had a race against the sunset to get to the gardens. Luckily Nasla and Amador are AWESOME at modeling for me and we got these within around 7 minutes! Talk about speed shooting. It was so much fun! 






Ummmm… did I mention they are both gorgeous? I think I did, right?


I can’t even begin to tell you how thrilled I am when couples can have a goofy moment with me. Seriously… fun stuff. 



We were greeted in the reception tent with Mariachi music. What a treat!



First dances are always so beautiful to me. There is so much emotion that comes between two people. It’s moments such as these that make me love weddings so much. And although I have done weddings for many years now, I still cry at just about every one of them. 


Congratulations Nasla and Amador! I hope you both are enjoying your honeymoon in Hawaii right now!! 


Mariah & Peter

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