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As a photographer and mom, I have arsenals of images of my kids… OR… my husband with the kids. But I’m rarely in front of the camera and while I don’t often like to look at myself, I do want to have a record of my life with my family.

I met Christie a while back and we decided on a trade. I photographed her family after the birth of little Arlo and on that very day I told her we were expecting our third. So a full 10 months later, we met up again and I got my family pictures! I love them. I love how it sums us all up just perfectly – two madly in love people with crazy little kids. Thanks Christie – love them!

  1. Jackie Jean says:

    fun & sweet shots 🙂

  2. Sylvia Borgo says:

    *GAH* So cuuuuute! I love the one of you kissing your bebe boy!

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