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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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Maui Proposal: Jennifer and Morgan at Big Beach, Makena

Maui Surprise Proposal

Jennifer texted me a few weeks ago that she had gotten some leave and she wanted to bring her partner Morgan to Maui to surprise her by proposing. I thought it was such a wonderful thing – spontaneously come out to Maui, a place they had both never been, propose, and write out a whole path together.

She wanted a place breathtakingly beautiful and not very busy – also a place that I could easily hide to capture the proposal. The cliff at Big Beach was the perfect spot. I gave her directions and waited. I checked my clock and realized I had no cell service. In a panic, I also realized they were running late and had no way of getting hold of me on the phone. So I waited. And sure enough I saw them walking along the beach. I hid. Jennifer exclaimed to Morgan, “Hurry! You have to see this sunset!” She had told Morgan a story that this was the best place on Maui to see the sunset – so they rushed passed me and I had to covertly follow them. As Morgan was watching the sunset, Jennifer got down on one knee and when Morgan turned around, she noticed what was happening.

Maui surprise proposal

She said YES! I was so excited to introduce myself and let Morgan know that I was in on it and we’d be doing some engagement photos! The sun was just hitting Lanai and we got some bananas colors out of the sky – pink, purple, shades of lavender and blue…. so beautiful.

Jennifer and Morgan have known each other for many years and Jennifer wanted to capture this moment to celebrate how far they’ve come through so many obstacles. I am so thrilled for them – congratulations you two! It was so wonderful to meet you both! XOXO

Lens Flare and a Proposal Big Beach Proposal Celebrating Love Big Beach Overlook Beautiful Engagement Ring Checking out the ring Engaged on Maui Dancing on Big Beach Big Beach Kiss Fun on Big Beach Big Beach Dip

Location: Big Beach, Makena// Photography by Mariah Milan //  Sunset

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  1. Congratulations Jennifer and Morgan!!! <3