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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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A Ray of Golden Sunshine

We’re about to take a trip down memory lane. Rewind to a decade ago. My business was new and I was trying to “make it” as a photographer full time. I had recently left my cush job as a resort concierge to pursue my love of imagery with my film camera gifted to me by my husband Peter and I was still honing my skills.

At the time, my husband was a bellman at the Westin Kaanapali and he came home one night and said he’d met the sweetest couple. They talked every day and when he mentioned that I was a photographer they were excited because they were expecting their first baby! So we met on the beach in Kaanapali, which isn’t even allowed anymore… and we got some beautiful images on film…  then they came back when baby was a toddler and we got together again!

FIlm Scans Photography


We even got to visit them when we took our daughter to California when she was 4 months old. They opened their home to us and we had an amazing time! Here’s our daughter and their little boy


Anyway, the friendship grew even when they were expecting their second baby and we were as well – we had dinner at the Hyatt and stayed in touch even when we moved to Texas. It’s been 6 years since we’ve last seen them and they came back to Maui with both kiddos. It was so nice hanging out by the pool watching all our kids play together – like our friendship just picked up right where it left off. And we were on the same beach that I had originally met them… so we snuck out for some photos with the golden sunshine.

I’m so thankful for our friendship D & P! XOXOXO

Mommy Daughter Moment Golden Sunshine Kiss Mom and Dad and the Beach Beautiful Family Kisses for Mom

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  1. Phil and Denicia you both are so wonderful. Thank you so much for your friendship! <3

  2. So sweet. So much love. You are so great at what you do.