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Mariah Milan is an internationally published wedding photographer based on Maui serving all of Hawaii, California, Oregon, and Destinations Worldwide.

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The “B” Family

Back in the days when I worked at hotels instead of doing photography, I had a wonderful coworker. We both worked the night shift together most nights and she really kept me sane. You see, in the world of being a Lobby Concierge, you’re really quite the doormat – taking whatever gripes, complaints, comments, questions, requests, compliments – really hearing anything and everything a hotel guest can say. Victoria and I started a wonderful friendship that we’ve carried on over the years. I saw her go through heartbreak and a period of internal growing and discovery. And then she met Anthony.

Their love story is straight out of a storybook – a modern storybook. They met on eHarmony (yes, it really does happen!) and Anthony moved across the country to Maui to be with Victoria and they got married. They had two gorgeous little girls.

Earlier this year Anthony was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. He had surgery and doctors believe that they got the tumor, but he is undergoing chemo therapy treatment. Through this, Victoria has been a rock for the family – working hard, being an amazing mommy, taking care of Anthony (who is just the sweetest guy ever!). For everything they’ve been through this year they continue to be happy and sweet and positive – and obviously still very much in love. I just love these guys!

This photo shoot was even more special because Victoria’s mom could be with us as well as Anthony’s mom, sister, and niece. It made for a really special time at Kapalua Bay and we got a gorgeous sunset!

Love you guys!!!

5% of this session was donated to Hospice Maui


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  1. Janice Davis says:

    Mariah, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures, each one is
    truly a treasure, your gift of photography is blessed, thank you.

    The memories you captured on film will add to our family bond and will always be remembered.